Davaughn Coppedge: Mold Rap

Mold Rap

by Davaughn Coppedge (son of Tatiana “the Mold Lady”)

Ayo this mold situation
Got me mad so I’m pacin
Kuz I don’t see why it’s hard to find somebody wit the patience
that’ll listen
It’s wild kuz my mom is on a mission
But ears is super distant and they tryna mind they business
but we in this to win this
Schedule the bout
My younger siblings is allergic to the mold in my house
Fam, and understand that we crying for help
It’s mold people we literally dying for help
We on the way
Let us pray for another day
or possibly another way till they display some love
Some compassion in fashion
like no other for the sake of my sister and brother
also my mother
let us suffer
Got me like man yah sum bustas chuck yah
Ain’t gon curse this is above us
gotta make this right
Let reach the heights
in this fight the mold flight
and not make the wrong right man
lets keep it tight
And steady
yo quick question are u ready
And when we done please believe. we gonna need the confetti
gettin rid of mold
I’m tryna make till I’m old
ain’t gon let u grow mold
I just had to let u know