Science for the People: Western Massachusetts


Science for the People: Western Mass 2020 Summer Meeting Schedule

Our meetings have been moved to Zoom to accommodate physical distancing while maintaining social solidarity. Please contact if you would like to participate!

UPDATE, 6/7/2020 The past weeks have been both painful and energizing for us all as we mourn the most recent victims of white supremacy in our country and organize to make deep and lasting change.

Members of Science for the People are helping to promote this call (SCROLL DOWN) to shut down STEM and academia more broadly for one day (this Wed, 6/10) to demonstrate our commitment to dismantle white supremacy in our institutions. The organizing began at CalTech and is spreading across the country. Please consider signing onto the call as an individual.

We will plan to devote the bulk of our chapter meeting on Wednesday to a discussion of what we can do as researchers, students, staff, and community organizers to support the movement for black lives in STEM and academia. Please take some time between now and then (for example, during the shut down on June 10!) to review the materials provided on the websites linked below.

This set of actions is coming together quickly, and there may be more activities coming soon… Please stay tuned!

Next Wednesday (June 10), we are calling to #ShutdownSTEM and #ShutdownAcademia. For one full day, we will pause “business as usual”–both to give Black academics a break, and to give others time to learn about and reflect on racism and anti-Blackness in our communities (including/especially our academic communities)
Here are some immediate resources:
  • The websites (from the Particles for Justice organization) and (from the larger coalition) have info about what this strike day is, what to do on the day, resources, etc.
  • Here is a link to a Google Form where you can sign on personally to the strike.
  • Here is a PDF summary of the event.
  • Here are some template emails for sending to peers, PIs, dept heads, organizations, etc.
  • Here are some images to share on social media.


Science for the People Magazine Relaunch

Check out the official relaunch of Science for the People! Volume 22, no. 1 is now available in its entirety on line under the title “The Return of Radical Science,” and Volume 22, no. 2 under the title “Envisioning and Enacting the Science We Need.” “Please also see last fall’s mini-issue on geoengineering!