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Science and Social Justice: Critical Teaching on “Trusting the Science”

Presented by Western Mass Science for the People, and hosted by the Sojourner Truth School for Social Change Leadership

Saturday, December 11, 4:00-6:00 p.m. on Zoom

Free! Register at:

Please join us for our fourth Making Science Work for Social Justice Workshop! This time we will focus on how to think critically about “trusting science,” and how to integrate those discussions into classrooms at every level of education. We expect lively discussions among teachers, students, and community members interested in transforming the way we think, communicate, and teach about science. Teachers will leave with new ideas for classroom activities, and everyone will leave with meaningful connections knowing they’ve helped re-envision STEM education.

We often hear people say, “Trust the science!” But what does that really mean? Which science? Whose science? How do historic and ongoing injustices prevent people from trusting scientific institutions? What would it take to envision and build science we do trust? And what can we do in the meantime to develop critical trust and greater transparency?

Our workshop is intended for a wide audience with diverse perspectives. At the core of our solidarity science philosophy is a focus on reaching multiple experiences and understandings to solve problems and improve the science itself. We invite participants to demand more from the scientific community, to create a coalition, to listen to each other better, to critique the role of science in our lives, and rather than ask, “how do we fix this?”, question who we need at the table to fix this. Everyone is warmly welcome at this lively, exciting, and provocative workshop – join us!

POSTER: Science and Social Justice Critical Teaching on “Trusting the Science”

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Our meetings have been moved to Zoom to accommodate physical distancing while maintaining social solidarity. Please contact if you would like to participate!


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