People’s Science Fair (4/17)

People’s Science Fair

This event was scheduled for Friday, April 17, noon to 4 p.m. at the Goodell Lawn and Bernie Dallas Room, UMass. COVID-19 is compelling us to radically reorganize. We will be curating an online fair, scheduled for launching on International Labor Day (May 1), 2020; and we will be rescheduling the physical fair for September.

The People’s Science Fair will showcase the work of local scientists and community organizers to make STEM serve social, economic, environmental, and cultural justice.

Co-sponsors to date:
Five College Lecture Fund

At UMass: College of Information and Computer Sciences, Economics Department, Graduate Employee Organization, History Department, Massachusetts Society of Professors, Professional Staff Union, Social Thought & Political Economy Program, Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies Department, Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies Department

At Smith: Center for Environment, Ecological Design, and Sustainability; Department of Geosciences; Department of Environmental Science & Policy; Spatial Analysis Lab